minoxa treatment soap and shampoo


prevention hair loss for many years minoxidil is used as an effective substance to prevent hair loss. its mechanism is acting on hyper vascularization, bwhich cause the hair follicle could get more nutrients proliferation of follicle. half life of this minoxidil in blood circulation is 4 hours, and its maximum absorption from skin is 0.3 to 0.45 hour.the best parts for absorptionare hair roots on the hair line at appear part of the skull. finally after 4 to 6 months on hair loss areas some matted hair grows and after that application of minoxidil must be continued (stop use of minoxidil=hair loss again) shada kish company under the license of canada milaco company representative of minoxidil prouducts in forms of soap, shampoo and gel has produced products with specific propertiese in rision with similar products, these have a better effect. the reasearch which has been conducted in canada among the minoxa soap users, show that the product stops hair loss and strengthens hair roots. Aloe-vera compound has been added to the minoxa gel. that it is the source of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino-acids polysaccharides and etc, can be effective on softness,freshness and strengthening of hair. now for the first time in the world milaco co.is proud to present a new form of minoxidil, product in gel form under the name of ginoxa to the market. The product has a longer and permanet effect on people who have alopecia area ata or have hair loss on hair line and even in eye browse .the basic substance of gel has been produced in a form which is very soft and will shine very well ,considering that ginoxa gel is not for beauty,but for prevention of hair loss.
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