Clinda soap

clinda treatment soap for facial acne


Face freshness soul happiness This product contains clindamycin hydroochloride which is one of the most active ingrdients against corynebacterium acne shada kish co. related to milaco company of canada is proud for the first time to represent a product in from of soap which has better quality and effect than the similar prouducts. it has miraculous and fast efficacy on the non pustule acne( papules and pustule)in the hands and face shows that it reduces chemo tactic factors in (PBA) and it related inflammation use of this soap along with other medication in patient protocol cause fast treatment and better result. Caution: it should not be taken in pregnancy and breast feeding mothers also do not use it with other topical medication especial with topical erythromycin or exfoliating creams. Indication: apply the soap through out twice or this times daily to the clean and dry areas of acne. rinse it after 5 minutes avoid contact with eyes and mouth we btried to keep the PH of soap in androgenic position to reduce the inflamation on the area. after use of the soap apply moisturizing cream. if using two or three times during the day, then after two or three weeks you will see the effect of this soap.
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