eritro treatment soap for facial acne


Beautiful face by eliminating facial acneActive substance of this product is erythromycin that is the best active substance on Corynebacterium acne which is causes inhibit non-aerobic growth of those in the sebaceous glands and folicle and this reduces the inflammation of the area.Shada kish co.related to milaco company of canada is proud for the first time to represent a product in form of soap with better effect and efficacy.This product used for treatment of seacond and third degree acne which are forms of papules and pastules .on kind of cystic and comdonal acne has slow effect in pregnant and breast feeding mothers using it has a low risk with respect by clindamycin soap.it is suggested not to be used at the same time with other exfolating products (less efficacy).Do not use this soap for along period of time unless it cause the growth of resistance and opportunist microorganis. Indication: first of all wash suffering area w ith the warm water,then added soap monotonously to the suffering area and rinse after 5 minutes.Do not apply to the area which is wounded or burned,avoid contact with mouth or eyes.use it twice daily for 3 to 4 weeks.it is suggested after using the soap apply moisturizing cream to the area.
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Price 375,000