Tea tree oil soap

Antibacterial soap


Containing 3% Tea Tree Oil (Tea Tree Oil): This article from the Australian tea tree is obtained. This oil fight Vsy range of organisms, including most of the normal skin bacteria that are involved in severe acne is effective and also has antifungal properties, wiki from plant oil is most effective against the bacteria used and have strong antiseptic properties as being a natural anti-acne are applied. Sbvm material production cut cause skin drying and boiling destroyed offer to be gradual. Tea Tree Oil to reduce redness caused by welding extraction is very useful.Another Article more effective ingredients of this soap is that 2% had anti-bacteria growth and control Vbas remove bacteria and reduce inflammation of the skin to help prevent formation of new welding pores of the skin is deeply purified.Special combination of fatty skin soap Dydh problems like shiny,open pores, acne and black head Jvshhay destroyed and healthyskin View should be. How to use: a daily or twice the floor this soap for 2 to 3 minutes on the skin, gently massage and then wash with hot water.
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